ELO provides Strategic Counseling that covers all aspects of the Patent Life-Cycle, from Invention Harvesting through Patent Issuance.


A carefully curated and well-protected brand is the greatest asset of any business and should thus be fiercely protected!


The creativity and investment you’ve put into your creative and expressive works of authorship deserve competent legal counsel you can count on.

Intellectual Property Law

IP rights empower patent, trademark, and copyright owners to benefit from their own hard work, investments, and creativity.

IP Transactions

ELO strives to develop sound and cost-effective strategies that will adapt to the unique needs and future interests of a growing business.

IP Development

ELO collaborates with the client to ensure their full cycle of innovation is reaching the point of capitalization.

Business & Corporate

ELO works as dedicated in-house legal support to help grow client businesses with their best interest in mind.


ELO’s practice aims to cover a broad range of protection and enforcement strategies for clients.

Industries & Services

ELO constantly strives to better serve industry leaders and trailblazers.

Legal Notice: Any information herein does not constitute legal advice or endorsement. All posts are for informational purposes only, as there are many factors and complexities that come into any legal matter, including patenting an idea. ELO always recommends you consult with a qualified attorney if you want legal advice for your particular situation. No attorney-client or confidential relationship exists by simply reading and applying the information or steps stated in any article herein. Schedule your free 15-minute consult with a qualified IP attorney at ELO today!

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