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From new or established businesses without full-time in-house legal support, to corporations who have large in-house teams with overflow needs, ELO has the skills to help clients grow their business while reducing risk.


ELO strives to best help clients with a host commercial transactions:

  • Software development and commercialization
  • Preparation of service agreements and online terms of use
  • Licensing of intellectual property and technology
  • Facilitating customer and vendor relationships
  • Product counseling
  • Reviewing and negotiating contracts, SaaS agreements, distribution agreements, license agreements, consulting agreements, customer agreements, vendor agreements, partnership agreements, and others
  • Counseling clients on data security, privacy, intellectual property, marketing and advertising
  • Conducting federal, state and local regulatory research
  • Due diligence matters
  • Corporate formation




Navigating contracts with financially distressed parties can present complex legal challenges. It is crucial to understand the potential risks and protect your company's interests effectively, particularly when dealing with exclusivity or long-term contractual relationships.


Some key considerations may include:


  • 1. Obtaining Information: Gathering accurate and comprehensive information from the financially distressed party is essential. This may include understanding the extent of their financial difficulties and the impact on their ability to fulfill contractual obligations.

  • 2. Assessing Risks: Identifying key insolvency risks is critical for drafting effective solutions. This involves evaluating the likelihood of default or non-performance by the distressed party and assessing the potential impact on your company.

  • 3. Balancing Interests: Striking the right balance between preserving relationships and safeguarding your company's interests is paramount. This may involve negotiating amendments or alternative arrangements to mitigate risks while maintaining the value of the contract.

  • 4. Bankruptcy and Insolvency: It is important for contracts to address how course of performance will be treated in the event of bankruptcy or insolvency. Understanding your rights and obligations in such circumstances can help minimize potential losses and disruptions to your business operations.


ELO aims to help clients navigating these complex legal matters, and can provide tailored solutions to address your specific concerns and protect your company's interests effectively. Contact the office directly for additional information or to schedule a consultation today!



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