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Patent licensing involves the negotiating and granting of permission by a licensor –i.e. the owner of a patent– to a licensee –i.e. an interested party– to make, use, sell or offer for sale the subject matter over which the licensor has ownership rights –i.e. their invention.


In addition to general licensing concepts, such as specifying the license grant and the consideration provided in exchange for the grant –i.e. payment–, a patent license usually includes its own particular set of issues. Besides a term for the agreement, a patent license must also address the future sharing and development of technology and technical expertise during such a term. It is critical that it specify: whether the license includes access to related know-how and show-how; the procedures for the handling of proprietary information exchanged during the relationship; and the future ownership and licensing interests in the event further technology is developed by one or both of the parties during the course of the agreement.


A proper licensing agreement must also involve the proper marking of any product that will be utilizing the licensed invention –as per patent law–, as well as specify the party responsible for ensuring the proper marking. This is necessary, because distinctive marking puts potential infringers on notice that the licensed invention is protected, and the lack thereof could impact possible remedies available from an infringement action. Naturally, mismarking –i.e. the fraudulent marking of an invention, which is not protected under the patent laws, as being protected– is unlawful.


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