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ELO offers comprehensive monitoring services for patent and trademark renewal dates, helping clients remain up to date on all necessary requirements.


In the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), patents are subject to maintenance fees at the 3½, 7½, and 11½-year marks from the date of issuance, which are essential to maintain the patent's validity for its full term. Similarly, many foreign patent offices impose yearly annuity fees, both during the application process and post-issuance, to uphold the patent's validity throughout its full term.


Trademark renewal terms vary slightly, requiring renewals at the 6-year and 10-year marks, while most foreign countries adhere to 10-year and 20-year renewal schedules. Compliance with these renewal dates is crucial, as failure to renew within the specified window can result in the loss of intellectual property rights. Unfortunately, prepayment options are generally unavailable.


ELO focuses on providing prompt reminders and facilitating secure payment transactions to ensure our clients' intellectual property assets are safeguarded –contact the office directly for further information or to arrange a consultation today!



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