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ELO collaborates with our clients to develop and implement sound and cost-effective brand protection strategies that will adapt to protect and nurture the unique needs of a growing, successful business.




ELO’s Critical Dates department monitors patent and trademark renewal dates for the client.

The United States charges a maintenance fee at the 3½, 7½ and 11½ year from the date of patent issuance that must be paid in order to maintain a U.S. patent in force for its full term. In addition, most foreign countries charge a yearly annuity which must be paid while an application is pending and after patent issuance in order to maintain the patent in force for its full term.

The United States requires that trademarks be renewed at the 6- year and 10-year anniversary dates, and most foreign countries have 10-year and 20-year trademark renewal dates. All such fees must be paid during a “payment window” in order to meet the government requirements; prepayment is not possible.

Multinational companies with an IP portfolio that includes multiple patents and trademarks require a firm capable of providing timely reminders and the secure transfer of monies in a manner that is most convenient to the company. Contact us for additional information or to schedule a consultation.






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