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ELO prides itself in crafting bespoke solutions for every aspect of your business. Any such strategy should start by safeguarding access to the fruits of your hard work, investments, and creativity.

A carefully curated and well-protected brand is the greatest asset of any business, and ELO would appreaciate the opportunity to help protect yours today!

ELO can ease and guide you through the trademark registration process with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) – just fill out the form below and you will be contacted shortly.

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Why Trademark?

Some of the benefits and privileges of Federal Registration with the USPTO:


  • Registration provides constructive notice to the public that you are the presumptive owner of your Mark.


  • Picture this: the coveted " ® " symbol by your Mark.


  • Grants you an exclusive right to use the Mark and to prevent others from profiting off the brand you’ve created (so long as the Mark is kept alive).


  • “Home venue” privilege in forum selection, meaning you may file a suit for infringement in your District’s Federal Court instead of being generally limited to the infringer’s local forum (i.e. their home-state court).


  • You can use your registration as a basis for filing for trademark protection in foreign countries.


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ELO’s enforcement strategies are geared to arm clients with the pathways to attain protected legal rights, the protection and enforcement of these rights, and enjoyment of the benefits derived thereof.



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