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ELO fights to help protect the dreams of entrepreneurs and inventors, not only by securing and protecting their Intellectual Property rights, but by maximizing their value and success in enforcement strategies.

ELO embraces a de-centralized, virtual law firm approach in order to build a better, more innovative practice, centered around what truly matters:
the Client.

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Andres Escalante, Esq.

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What Makes ELO Different

De-Centralized + You-Centered

From its inception, ELO has been wired differently when it comes to the practice of law. Placing particular importance in developing a personal bond with clients enables ELO to better identify and provide for both their personal and business-specific needs.


ELO’s guiding principles stem from consulting engineering methodology, where information fluency among stakeholders, personal relationships, and accountability provide the necessary frame of reference that may often serve to keep certain legal matters from becoming too overwhelming or tedious for clients.


Above all, ELO works diligently to provide you with the legal strategies and tools you need for business success, fueled daily by the core values of EXCELLENCE, SYNERGY and TRUST.



ELO is committed to delivering high quality work for unmatched value to the client, striving to always implement best practices while guiding the client through complex legal problems and difficult decisions. 



Communication is key to the quality of any long-term relationship. Leveraging the benefit of information flow with a genuine interest in the well-being of the client enables ELO to craft comprehensive solutions and robust enforcement strategies for the technical, legal, business, and personal considerations of the client. 



ELO views clients as long-term partners and aims to operate a responsive and client-focused practice that will ensure clients their trust is not misplaced day-in and day-out. Your attorney should work for you, not the other way around!


Inventors and entrepreneurs are often intimidated by the process in the search for an intellectual property attorney, as patents and trademarks aren’t exactly the most approachable segment of the law. However, if you are able to choose the correct guide, they should be able to ease your mind. You can't be expected to know everything there is to know about protecting IP – that’s where ELO can be of help!




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