Intellectual Property Law

At ELO, Intellectual Property (IP) is more than a practice area. IP is the focus of ELO’s Practice, and in today’s fast-paced competitive landscape, this means our practice revolves around what may often be your business’ most valuable asset.

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Your business deserves legal counsel that can help identify, nurture, protect, and enforce your ongoing IP rights – because IP is about more than just patents and trademarks or copyright, it is about the people, the culture, and the bouts of inspiration that may one day define the future of your business success.

Always responsive to client needs and priorities, ELO's intellectual property practice consistently delivers high-quality, practical analyses and advice rooted in real-world experience. Maximizing and protecting the value of your intellectual portfolio requires a comprehensive, practical strategy led by competent counsel you can trust.

In its broadest terms, Intellectual Property refers to a bundle of exclusive legal rights conferred to an owner/creator over their inventions, brand names, creative and expressive works, or trade secrets. Each unique type of IP presents its own distinct set of rights and challenges to protection and enforcement. Namely, there are four core types of IP: Patents, Trademarks, Copyrights, and Trade Secrets.

In addition to core IP areas, ELO advises clients with respect to protection of trade secrets, unfair competition and false advertising. We have experience drafting and negotiating licenses, development agreements, non-disclosure agreements and other agreements for use with business partners of all types.

The Focus of Our Practice:

  • Patent Trademark and Trade Dress Opinions IP Transactions & Licensing
  • IP Development
  • Trade secrets
  • Unfair competition
  • Copyright
  • Domain names

ELO strives to provide legal counsel that can identify, protect, and enforce your ongoing IP rights in order to secure your freedom to operate in a globalized marketplace. Our law firm is dedicated to providing comprehensive legal strategies with a focus on Clients’ business needs and a personal, interactive relationship based on trust and information flow. We assist clients in aligning their business interests with strategies for protection of innovation, exposure mitigation, monetization of technology, and leveraging third party technology through licensing and other business arrangements.

Whether you’re an established company, a tech start-up business, or a creative entrepreneur seeking to synergize your ideas up to that next level – having the right support by your side to guide you through any challenges involving your most valuable assets is critical. ELO aims to provide Clients with customized service in an efficient, value-added manner, and to counsel our Clients where their full cycle of innovation may not be reaching the point of capitalization.

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If you are seeking an intellectual property attorney, or if you are interested in trademark, copyright, or patent-related legal counsel, contact ELO to schedule your free 15-minute consult today!


  • Intellectual property rights protection and development.
  • Preparing and filing U.S. and foreign patent applications.
  • Patentability searches.
  • Product Clearance.
  • Counsel on designing around valid patents.
  • Trademark registration in the U.S. and internationally.
  • Searching and clearance of trademarks.
  • Registering trade dress, product, and packaging configurations.
  • Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDA’s)
  • Coordinate international protection of intellectual property.
  • Patent and trademark licensing.
  • Technology licenses.
  • Software licensing and development agreements.
  • Technology and e-commerce transactions.
  • Intellectual property audits, management, and counseling.
  • Copyrights.
  • U.S. Customs registration and enforcement of IP rights.
  • Domain name disputes.


ELO provides Strategic Counseling that covers all aspects of the Patent Life - Cycle, from Invention Harvesting through Patent Issuance.


A carefully curated and well -protected brand is the greatest asset of any business and should thus be fiercely protected!


The creativity and investment you’ve put into your creative and expressive works of authorship deserve competent legal counsel you can count on.

IP Transactions

ELO strives to develop sound and cost - effective strategies that will adapt to the unique needs and future interests of a growing business.

IP Development

ELO collaborates with the client to ensure their full cycle of innovation is reaching the point of capitalization.

Legal Notice: Any information herein does not constitute legal advice or endorsement. All posts are for informational purposes only, as there are many factors and complexities that come into any legal matter, including patenting an idea. We recommend you consult a lawyer if you want legal advice for your particular situation. No attorney-client or confidential relationship exists by simply reading and applying the steps stated in any article herein. Schedule your free 15-minute consult with a qualified IP attorney at ELO today!

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