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Welcome to the Escalante Law Offices. At ELO we are passionate about the Law, its intersectionality with STEM and Business, and how their synergy may benefit our clients.

ELO has embraced a de-centralized virtual law firm approach, to build a better more innovative practice, centered around what truly matters: the Client.

ELO proudly offers nationwide representation on matters of Patent and Trademark law, to assist large corporations, small businesses, creative individuals, and other attorneys. We can assist clients from all 50 states and from countries around the world on complex matters, including:

  • Patent Applications
  • Patent Clearance Searches and Patent Opinions
  • Patent Portfolio Management
  • Office Action Responses
  • Trademark Clearance Searches and Tm Applications
  • Trademark Monitoring • Trademark Portfolio Management
  • Patent and Trademark Change of Ownership
  • Trademark Renewal Filings
  • Trademark Opposition Proceedings
  • Trademark Cancellation Proceedings


IP Development ELO is your Intellectual Property Resource for Patent and Trademark World-wide. Please contact us if you have any questions – we offer complimentary consultations and would love to meet you.

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